About us

We provide Stainless Steel and Metal Fabrication works which comprises Gates, Windows, Grills, Railing, Shutter, Chair, Fibre shades, Table, Storage Racks and Industrial fabrication works etc. Our experience over the years enables us to deliver a high degree of manufacturing flexibility. And this flexibility is there sult of our sophisticated &controlled facility, experienced teams, years of industry exposure and good capital investment. Moreover, of teams readiness to assist the architects, contractors & individual clients has made us a preferred steel fabricator. Our superior quality steel makes these items highly durable and corrosion restive.  Stainless Steel Fabrications are available in various designs and style as per the latest trend. We also provide customized design as per the client’s requirement. You can obtain at affordable prices with best quality steel fabrication.

Khan Fabrication has earned the trust of many companies over the years and has developed an outstanding reputation for dependable deliveries maintaining tight construction and maintenance scheduling all at competitive pricing. We can get your job done at the right cost and delivered to any corner of the country on time. Our organization is highly supported by some of the most renowned vendor base in the market who is well-known to supply us only the quality tested products delivered to our clients. Being a client centric organization, we have adopted a highly client specific business policies and we take into account their specific directions and offer the products accordingly. In almost five years the company has evolved from a small welding repair and fabrication shop to a full-service metal fabrication center, hence the new name, Fusion Metalworks. It still accepts small repair jobs, but much of the focus is on structural steel, interior and exterior ornamental work, and aluminium. If one division of the company is slow, the other areas, so far, have compensated for that. The powder coating division, for example, employs four people who average 70 hours a week at work and are continuously busy.

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